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Base Camp

At least for the next couple of weeks!

(all photos by sweet cove musings. Taken with the i-phone 4. Please ask permission before using)

Happy 4th of July! Wherever you are may it be full of fireworks, fun, family and friends!

Choose your celebration and be safe!



be outside

Get yourself out there!

Wherever you are this weekend I hope that it is full!


time keeps on ticking

“Sed fugit interea, fugit inreparabile tempus”

(Time meanwhile flies, never to return)

Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro)

I mean, seriously, where does the time go? The minute school ended for the year and summer vacation officially veiled us it seems that no time has, nor will it, slow down. Although time has been filled with whitewater, bike riding, birthday parties, firefly chasing, and presence of good company we find ourselves at the end of each day thankful for the time while wondering where it went!!

I hope you are noshing on happy, juicy summer fruits and rich vegetables. Picking the clover to make necklaces. Playing kick ball or frisbee golf in the yard. Teasing the pups. Sipping sweet tea. Laughing with your loved ones, family and friends a like. All the while ignoring the big project you’ve been plotting all spring. Knowing that you will probably get to it tomorrow. Today, playing with the kid is more important!

Click on the photos below for links for some of the things we’ve done so far this summer!

Sky High Trampoline Sports

Seriously fun jumping and crazy tips for a cardio workout!!


US National Whitewater Center

(also known by us kayakers as the Whitewater Park even though there are tons more activities available at the center!)

(RCB watching our friend Jason Put in. She thinks the river is as good as chocolate cake. Loves it! She thinks Mr. jason is pretty darn cool too!)

Wherever you are, I hope your plate is full of sunshine, joy and happiness!



race day

The Colorado water is alarmingly low this year due to little to nearly no snow melt. It is the big talk currently in the whitewater community with the Teva Mountain Games taking place, beginning today, in Vail, Colorado. This event is So. Much. Fun.

Teva Games are the Olympic style games of all extreme, outdoor sports such as Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Stand Up Paddling, etc. All the Pro’s from around the world show up to compete for some real money. In the kayaking community said money will support them on the Colorado circuit, to win a little more money hopefully along the way.

Here is a video of the creek level at the 2010 Teva Games:

Click here for an article and video of the creek level currently!

If you are interested in following the Summer Teva Mountain Games, go here.


once more

(photo from google images search, Bald Eagle in NC)

Ok. So you are totally not going to believe me but I swear we saw ANOTHER Eagle on Sunday. Different location, different water source, different bird. Still in North Carolina.  This time, our little gal witnessed the beauty of the expansive Eagle flight. Pretty darn cool. Quite extraordinary.

We are rolling this week right into preparation for Saturday Nights show. The buzz is out and the vibe is high! We are choosing our outdoor activity for the day, making plans for load in, singing the tunes in my head and tasting the Razor Wit on my lips as we speak!

We are also heading into the last week of school so my head is twirling with ideas of fun things to do with RCB. We’ll start off the summer with real swim lessons and taking Kaya to the top of the mountain for some leg stretching and fresh air. We will visit with family, welcome a new baby (Erin is due in June!!) to the brood, sink our toes into the sand and introduce whitewater kayaking. (Yes, we got a kiddo kayak for the soon to be 5 year old!!! We’ll start slow but she is going to be siked!). We also plan to do some rocking on the front porch, drinking sweet tea and watching the fireflies at night! What things do you have up your sleeve this summer?

As I head out for the night I will leave you with another JBB tune to get you in the mood. I will make sure to keep you in the know for the event this weekend. I will say that I did hear as the wind crossed my ears today that there will be some free tickets up for grabs this week so make sure to tune in to find out how and where! Otherwise, be outside my friends!

JBB- Amplify


fly like an eagle

Remember this? Well, I had a similar experience this weekend, except my husband and two of our friends were there to witness it. WE saw an Eagle! The four of us went for a friday afternoon, knock off of work and paddle down the French Broad sec 9. A great way to start the weekend and shed any frustration from the week!

We were slowly floating just above a rapid called The Maze when suddenly MRB, in a clear calm voice, said “There is an Eagle. Looks, there is an Eagle.” After about 3 times of him saying it we caught sight of the magnificent, clear as day white headed bird. This is no mistake my friends! We have a resident Eagle at our local river.

Mind you, we are not located in the wide open spaces of Colorado or the PNW. We are in North Carolina. The southeast. This is a luxury and something to admire!

No, no photos. We were so still, and stunned by its flight that we bypassed technology and breathed in the moment.



walk the line

What a fantastic day! With the morning starting off mild and inviting we found ourselves outside immediately participating in all things outdoors! Of course, work was on the agenda but it was wonderful to weave in and out of work to balance the day with child, garden and animals.

We dove feet and hands into the compost bins today. We really got down and dirty turning and stirring the two bins that have been composting all winter with the occasional stir (since it has been so mild). It was beautiful! We saw some of the fattest, happiest worms I have ever seen. The compost on the left is perfect and ready to be used for the herb garden that we will build once we return to the mainland.  It really churned our excitement of future things to grow.

We also pulled out the favored Santa gift that has yet to be used. The slackline! We were not slack and it was hard to walk the line! However, it was amazing and tons of fun. It was put up around lunchtime. We went in and out throughout the day, took turns trying to master the craft and eventually, we did. Well, sort of! We at least got a bit further each time! After one last run after dinner we cleaned it up and talked about all the places we will go!

It feels good. It feels good to start looking forward to our spring. It feels good to talk about what we are going to do and what we want to do. New growth and new possibilities!