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pre jam

We can’t forget Chalwa! Our local Reggae band! These guys will be getting the evening with John Brown’s Body started off just right!

We love these guys! Some of them we have known for years! Some of them we have only recently met. Together, they make a knock out ensemble!

 Make sure to get yourself over to Flying J’s sight and show them some love!! See post below.

I really hope I get to see you at the show. I personally am getting pumped to see one of my favorites! My brother is headed in to town to share this with us, as well as a bunch of our buddies. Good Times!! Make sure to meet me at the bar to cheers a beer!!



give it away, give it away, give it away now

Alright friends! Here is your first chance to win a pair of tickets to the John Brown’s Body show this weekend at Highland Brewery. An Asheville, NC show!

Click on the screen shot below. Follow the instructions. Get yourself to the show!

Good Luck!


once more

(photo from google images search, Bald Eagle in NC)

Ok. So you are totally not going to believe me but I swear we saw ANOTHER Eagle on Sunday. Different location, different water source, different bird. Still in North Carolina.  This time, our little gal witnessed the beauty of the expansive Eagle flight. Pretty darn cool. Quite extraordinary.

We are rolling this week right into preparation for Saturday Nights show. The buzz is out and the vibe is high! We are choosing our outdoor activity for the day, making plans for load in, singing the tunes in my head and tasting the Razor Wit on my lips as we speak!

We are also heading into the last week of school so my head is twirling with ideas of fun things to do with RCB. We’ll start off the summer with real swim lessons and taking Kaya to the top of the mountain for some leg stretching and fresh air. We will visit with family, welcome a new baby (Erin is due in June!!) to the brood, sink our toes into the sand and introduce whitewater kayaking. (Yes, we got a kiddo kayak for the soon to be 5 year old!!! We’ll start slow but she is going to be siked!). We also plan to do some rocking on the front porch, drinking sweet tea and watching the fireflies at night! What things do you have up your sleeve this summer?

As I head out for the night I will leave you with another JBB tune to get you in the mood. I will make sure to keep you in the know for the event this weekend. I will say that I did hear as the wind crossed my ears today that there will be some free tickets up for grabs this week so make sure to tune in to find out how and where! Otherwise, be outside my friends!

JBB- Amplify


what a doozy

Friends, what jet lag! This family has a way whacked schedule. The poor kid, we’ve gone to bed at 2:00 am both nights. Slept till 12:00 noon yesterday. Michael and I pulled ourselves out of bed at 9:00am this morning determined to battle our confused minds and bodies. How do you get a child on board? You don’t. You let their body and mind work through it as long as it takes. So, she is still sleeping!

Although, we concocted a plan that involves heavy, physical, fun activities, after dinner, pre-bed. Like a long bike ride and a tool around the park! I suppose that is a way to encourage her body/mind to leave the 6 hour time difference behind. Wear it out!! 🙂 I’ll let you know!

Jet lag or not, we are still amped to be home. Both of us fired up about chickens, plotting the property for our future coop, as well as other landscape plans we have had up our sleeves for years but never executed! We walked the 1 acre yesterday and mapped out possibilities. Why the big deal? What’s the excitement? Mostly that for our nearly 12 year relationship (celebrated 9 years of marriage on the 11th) we have been on the go people. Always looking for a new place to discover, live, play. Our time was always spent finding a new river to paddle or a new pub to taste.

Fortunately, our kid has slowed us down. She has kindly forced us into a pleasant flow and hum of a schedule. For the first time, we have actually slowed down to smell the roses. And, my friends, we have discovered that we love this place. We really love our home, our community and the opportunities here. We want our roots to grow deeper. As always when you travel you appreciate home but this time, we are ready to dig into the dirt. Help our own paradise flourish!

I hope you are all well! I look forward to sharing more with you when my brain gets a proper reboot! While I break out the blender to make a coconut, mango, banana smoothie, make sure to take the time to inspire your mind, body, heart and soul!


WakaWai presents…

an evening with…

Tickets go on sale Friday, March 09, 2012.

We are EXCITED to bring you this special event!! Come join us for an evening of amazing music and tasty micro brew beer!! A great way to share a night out with your friends!

This is WakaWai’s (waka-why) way of infusing lifestyle and elements by seamlessly joining gear, music, video, rivers, oceans, lakes and mountains. We love to be outside, listen to music and drink beer. So, start your summer off right! Spend the day outside partaking in your favorite element (whitewater, lake, mountain, beach…) then join us for the tunes and beer!!

Click here for event details.

Click here for a sample of John Brown’s Body. or here.

Click here for a sample of Chalwa.

Click here for a sample of the beer. or here.

Share the event with your friends. Make sure to get your ticket. Schedule the babysitter (if needed). Mark your calendar!

Hope to see you there!!


john brown’s body

Coming soon to Asheville….

Stay Tuned….