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making the shift

Boy, is it good to be home!

Something I adore about holiday, as much as the actual holiday, is the return home. Stay away long enough and a certain deep gratification is aroused. We’ve returned to cooler temps, lovely afternoon showers and happy animals.

Also upon return is the motivation to really get things done. We’ve talked long enough. The flower beds have an appointment with my shovel and hands as well as the mulch pile. The dead locust trees have finally met their end, leaving their sole purpose to warming the fires this winter.The grass is cut, the house is clean and the corn is canned! Other projects on the to do list, each with their own appointment, will be met with determination!

Other things I appreciate about holiday is the reminders while away. When you slow down, put work aside and really partake in the break, you are reminded of things you like to do. Like, sitting on the porch and reading a book. Doing yoga. Coloring with the kid, etc. Prior to holiday I did loads of coloring, but rarely any reading and definitely not yoga. Coming home I have brought these little treats back. Making it a point to treat myself. Balance the day with 15 minutes of reading. 10 minutes of yoga in the morning. While those aren’t ideal amounts of time to indulge in these habits, it is still a treat. I don’t lose my day, my work or my time with my child. And that is exactly what a holiday is! Sweet reminders that, yes, somehow, it can all be done!



spring fever

Buncombe County Sunset

We had a great time hanging at the Highland Brewery Tasting Room yesterday with our peeps, the Wheelers. A great way to round out the week and start thinking about mellowing out for the weekend. As for week, it was simple, quiet and appreciated. When I did have a moment to steal away to hop on the computer I found some exciting things. I thought I would share them with you.

-While I am not ready to dive into the buzzy world of bees just yet I was still excited to find several local resources for when it is time to happen. Also continuing education.

-I am definitely going to attend this class this spring. Backyard Chickens!

-I am proud of my daughter (4 1/2) for choosing to have her own hair cut. She announced she needed to be ready for beach season and wanted a shorter do. I promise there was no prompting or suggesting! Anywho, this was the style she chose and she is adorable. (no, that is not her in the photo. Just the hairstyle she picked)

-Today is the day. I am going to try my hand at canning today. This is the recipe I am going to use. I will update you on how successful (or not) it turns out! It just sounds delicious! If it turns out well I am going to make lemon zest scones and slather the curd on top!

-Thinking of going here or here for hubs 40th birthday. Should be able to rally some friends to gather around a campfire with Troy and Sons in hand!

***Don’t forget, tickets for WakaWai’s Event go on sale today!!!! Make sure to head to the FaceBook Page¬†and let us know you are or thinking about attending, make sure to share with your friends and mostly, get your tickets!!

And the weekend? Well, I am positive it will be spent outside dodging raindrops!

I hope yours is happy and well!