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how do you navigate change?


This post from HandPicked Nation (via Small Measures) really touched me this morning/afternoon. So much so, I wanted to share it with you!

After shedding some tears and feeling the ping of their loss, it makes me want to be positive. strong. and looking ahead with gratitude.

Happy Friday Friends!



about that project

The times are getting good over here! Baby Barr made his entrance into the world last night and we couldn’t be more tickled for two (now three) of our favorite people. Oh the sweet newborn days they have just embarked upon!! Embrace the moment, for however long it may seem it passes with the blink of an eye! Congratulations Erin and Andy! Much Love!

While they were working on laboring the child yesterday we three here were busy bees with fun projects. (Look for tomorrows post on specific project details) As for the herb garden, it is a no go. We’ve had some amazing, torrential downpours this spring. Each rain the plot gets flooded. While trying to find solutions that, to no avail, do not work we agree this is not the spot. As beautiful as it could be it simply would not survive. So, we will put the herb garden on the middle burner with the chicken coop to re-evaluate this fall. No worries, with our pending travel it is probably wise to wait till fall when we have to grow up and become real adults. Our daughter is starting Kindergarten. We will be forced to the school schedule, leaving us to find things to busy our outside of work time with other things besides traveling!

Plans for fall:

Put in raised beds (start with 2)

Plant two Apple Trees

Plant two Cherry Trees

Plant two Blueberry Bushes

Pick a Chicken Coop and actually purchase it for spring chickens

We work best if we plan far in advance. Gather materials for the next few months. Then set a specific date to install. Fall is a start. A date will be set in August.

What is up your sleeve? Do you choose a project and get to it right away? Or do you take is slow, like us, as to not get discouraged?

We are getting canning under our belts pretty good this summer. Really finding and following the local produce schedule. We are starting to depend on our CSA and the Farmer’s Market more and more. This was one of the choices we made in order to begin our transition into becoming more sustainable as a family. Baby steps are good. Choose something, step slowly and eventually it will become second nature. Part of what you do. Once a month we buy whole chickens and make chicken broth. Every other week we make sourdough bread to service our sandwich and toast needs. We started a compost last summer and are amazed with the results. Canning is our current task to master. This fall, prepping gardens and orchards and chickens.

Sometimes it feels like we are not getting anything accomplished. Yes, that is life. Things do get in the way. But looking back and telling you about it, it is happening just like it needs to, for me any way. I am really learning. Doing. Not getting discouraged!

Have a great hump day!


i haven’t forgotten you

My friends! It is so good to be back here with you. I have to say last week was one of the craziest weeks I have had in a really long time. We usually maintain a steady buzz of busyness around here but throw in a sick dog, plus another dog needing specialty vet attention AND getting ready for a surprise birthday party.

Let me tell you, the chocolate dog is not doing well. I am crying on a regular bases simply for my love for her. They go from 6 weeks to 13 years in the snap of a finger. The Vizsla is acting and feeling great but weird things are popping up on her that would make anyone feel the urgency to get it fixed!! As I try to sit in yoga to calm my center I still feel anxiety creeping in. Then on top of that the birthday boy was 2 1/2 hours late for his three hour birthday party. As really it is no big deal I am still deeply saddened that he didn’t get to celebrate with all the people who have known him and adored him during his 40 years.

He is a good man though! As he sensed my sorrow he put the family in the car yesterday to pick out fruit trees to plant! He also measured the space for our chicken coop. Then openly expressed that he feels the sorrow, then asked that we move forward. Lets get chickens and trees because that is what you really want. Melts my heart! I love you Michael Briere! And yes, lets move forward!

So, that is where we are. Getting caught up on paperwork. Making Indie get off the desk so she won’t mess up my papers. Watching the sun in the spots we want to plant the trees. Picking out a chicken coop. Planning and pining for the next day Michael and I get to go to the river together. Deciding what our daughter may want for lunch. Getting the tools out to prep the herb garden with her. Stopping to sit with Cassidy every 45 minutes. Playing with Kaya. Waiting for the biopsy results. And still, living and loving life!


deep breath

(photo from my i-phone of the sunshine beaming through the plate of olive oil onto the wall)

Another successfully busy week! Got the taxes off to the accountant, cleared and cleaned out the herb garden, and a few other exciting business opportunities that I will share with you soon! A great week!

The weather is just amazing! March 1st and we will hit 67 degrees today!! I am pretty sure the ski equipment will be put up for the winter and the gardening tools will get dusted off. Planning on getting some seeds started before we leave the mainland at the end of the month and will start the rest when we return. I have been picking Ansley’s brilliant garden brain and reading as many books as I can find the time to pick up. Still daydreaming of the day we have chickens and bees!

As for the weekend, lil miss and I will be showering my dear Grandmother Iris with songs and love. She is slipping fast into Dementia. Sweet lady. While away I am sure we will sneak some belly rubbing time with Eribug and chase Whiskey and Martini (my brother’s sweet, adorable, huggable, lovable yellow labs) till they can run no longer. We will take the good with the not so good and bask in the presence of family!

Wherever you are and whatever you may do, I hope you are happy! I will see you back here next week!


walk the yard

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My friend Ansley and I were talking last week about how normally this time of year is a time of stillness and reflection. A reflection of our thoughts and dreams. A time to create a plan to bring our dreams to a reality.

This winter, however, has done nothing but stir our imaginations and energy. We feel like we should be doing something. Making things happen. Like the bees we see trying to get busy with pollination but it is a tad bit too early for all of us to expect any major results.

I am itching to get our herb garden planted. MRB and I have both been talking crazy talk like chickens, and bees and a garden. I mean, it isn’t too far fetched of an idea. After all, I am a farmer’s daughter, granddaughter, sister, great granddaughter, etc. It is bound to leech out of my blood at some point. But with this continuous warmth I have an itch that I just can’t scratch!

In the meantime, while we wait patiently for mother nature to do her business we are spending all the time outside we can. Today, we walked the acre a few times. Played in the creek. Admired the landscape we are so blessed to have. I mostly love having our sprout along to share the joy of tromping around the woods and splashing in the water with our rain boots on.

Plus, Cassidy isn’t tapped into the invisible fence so it is extra sweet to have her along. Her younger days in Banner Elk were spent running for hours with Logan, Hannah and Sugaree (who knows where they ended up half of the time) and walking the woods/mountains/trails with us any time the sun was shining. I could tell she felt the nostalgia of days past too!

As we walk and admire we day dream of our future with fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables. Maybe even a few chickens as pets and hive to bring us the liquid gold! One can always dream of great things! We will start small. Learn with each new, exciting step.