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little blue book

It is time to step it up a notch. Since Ball is the the mothership of all things canning I thought this would be a good book to start with.

I have been thinking and researching for some time (way too long, really) different canning recipe books. There are many to choose from on the world wide web. Too many sometimes for me. I often get overwhelmed with choices and will find myself just putting the research up only to return to it again. No real results.

Until yesterday while browsing through the grocery, casually walking by the canning section to get to the trash bags. Stuffed sloppily behind the boxes of canning supplies was the “Ball Blue Book, guide to preserving”. For once, without hesitation, I picked up the book and put it in the basket. This is a start. While it is not fancy with lots of pretty pictures it is a back to the basics book full of recipes. Pages and pages of nothing but recipes. While I use this one currently as my guide (and will remain my visual + I can’t wait to make the beet relish, missed the Strawberry Vanilla spread but did make the killer jam…) It is nice to have more recipes at my finger tips. Just adding to the loot of cook books.  A new collection.

As a side note, stumbled upon this blog a few weeks ago. The book looks good. Since it is recommended by the author of said book linked above it has been put on the new list.

A few recipes picked out of the Ball Book that will get started this week. Like the one using mint. Lemon Mint Vinegar. Our friend Samantha gifted us with some spearmint (and basil) over the weekend that  will serve a good purpose for the vinegar!!