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time keeps on slipping… some more

Indie Cat


Did I scare you?


It has been that long that I am positive that all hope was lost. Which is fine. Because, boy oh boy, has it been intense. So intense that I literally called my mother and a few goods friends back in July and told them it was time to stop writing. I felt like I was loosing all sense of focus. Also that I was, and still am, ready to just do it and stop talking about it.

Well, a little has gotten done. So, we’re doing. But an awful lot of things have gone untouched. Several amazing wonderful things are happening and many deeply sad things, too.

We grievously lost the battle of cancer with this sweet gal at the end of July (and boy do our hearts still ache deeply, it literally aches as I write this), THEN 5 weeks and 2 days later we lost this equally sweet and important gal to simple old age, just one year after the loss of this special guy.  Oh, we’re not done! Then, amazingly, after quite some time of unsuccessful attempts we get pregnant!! (Same thing happened with RCB. We were so emotionally and physically caught up in the experience of loosing our black lab that we got prego without even realizing!). Not to mention that we sent our wee sweet lad off to Kindergarten!!!! Can we say big year for us? (not the same as the bird big year, although I think it would be fabulous to find and see as many species of bird as you can in one year) Or a big 5 months! It is all so overwhelmingly wonderful, yet unbelievably sad at the same time. We’ll grow and strengthen with the losses and soar with the gain.

So, I took time to just be. It’s going great. The house is quieter with only two cats and a kid. (Chi-si is living in the studio with my in-laws. While she is sad about the loss of her buddies she is thrilled to have her ma and pop around!). However, we laugh constantly that the cats took responsibility for filling in the gap where the dogs were concerned! They beg at the dinner table, are constantly in and out and sleep with us for the loss of the warmth!

Now I am ready to journal, explore and share again. I miss writing. So, keep your eyes and ears open! We’ll see what we can’t explore together! New horizons!!

Happy to be back! Hope you are all well!!



will not go unnoticed

From our childhood we have different smells, sounds and taste that take us back to days with our families, loved ones, friends. For me, and most assuredly for my brother and mother as well, that sound is the guitar picking of the Legendary Doc Watson. Although, when I was a kid and then teenager I would roll my eyes in the back seat when my Dad managed to find the bluegrass station on the radio.

It wasn’t till I left home for College, heading to the Blue Ridge Mountains to realize how lucky I was to be exposed to such talent. Boone, North Carolina and the surrounding communities are home for MANY legends of folk and bluegrass. It is a place where you can see really famous artist in really small, personal spaces. It was there that I got to see, hear and feel the energy up close and personal to the likes of Doc Watson. My first live bluegrass performance was on the university campus, in a small theater (Valborg Theater) with Doc Watson and friends. I was in the first row, center. Immediately I felt gratitude and joy for finding something real to connect with my Dad, aka “Daddy” said with a swift southern slur.

From that moment on I signed myself up for Merle Fest, contra dancing and fiddle lessons. I don’t do any of those things now. My fiddle sadly fell apart when we moved to Jackson, WY and I neglected it for months. My partner (or husband) doesn’t contra dance (I knew that when I married him) and I couldn’t keep up with Merle Fest. However, I regularly throw some Doc tunes in, blare Bluegrass Junction on Satelite radio and often talk bluegrass with my Dad. We still have that bond after 15 years.

So, to say the least, it was with great sadness, like a closing of a chapter in my own book, to lose Doc Watson on Tuesday at the ripe young age of 89. He touched many lives. Influenced many guitar players. Was a humble, honest man who loved his family and adored playing music. He was a legend before he passed away.

I pulled out our Doc, Del and Mac CD on tuesday. I’ve been playing it for RCB so she knows. She promised to make granddaddy Rick Doc Watson Band Aids and Stickers so he won’t be so sad about losing his favorite mugician, as she calls him! And yes, he did work magic when he played the guitar.

Thank you Doc! Thank you for the bond with my family. Thank you for sharing your happiness and your sorrows. Thank you for being a bad ass guitar player!


pre jam

We can’t forget Chalwa! Our local Reggae band! These guys will be getting the evening with John Brown’s Body started off just right!

We love these guys! Some of them we have known for years! Some of them we have only recently met. Together, they make a knock out ensemble!

 Make sure to get yourself over to Flying J’s sight and show them some love!! See post below.

I really hope I get to see you at the show. I personally am getting pumped to see one of my favorites! My brother is headed in to town to share this with us, as well as a bunch of our buddies. Good Times!! Make sure to meet me at the bar to cheers a beer!!


once more

(photo from google images search, Bald Eagle in NC)

Ok. So you are totally not going to believe me but I swear we saw ANOTHER Eagle on Sunday. Different location, different water source, different bird. Still in North Carolina.  This time, our little gal witnessed the beauty of the expansive Eagle flight. Pretty darn cool. Quite extraordinary.

We are rolling this week right into preparation for Saturday Nights show. The buzz is out and the vibe is high! We are choosing our outdoor activity for the day, making plans for load in, singing the tunes in my head and tasting the Razor Wit on my lips as we speak!

We are also heading into the last week of school so my head is twirling with ideas of fun things to do with RCB. We’ll start off the summer with real swim lessons and taking Kaya to the top of the mountain for some leg stretching and fresh air. We will visit with family, welcome a new baby (Erin is due in June!!) to the brood, sink our toes into the sand and introduce whitewater kayaking. (Yes, we got a kiddo kayak for the soon to be 5 year old!!! We’ll start slow but she is going to be siked!). We also plan to do some rocking on the front porch, drinking sweet tea and watching the fireflies at night! What things do you have up your sleeve this summer?

As I head out for the night I will leave you with another JBB tune to get you in the mood. I will make sure to keep you in the know for the event this weekend. I will say that I did hear as the wind crossed my ears today that there will be some free tickets up for grabs this week so make sure to tune in to find out how and where! Otherwise, be outside my friends!

JBB- Amplify


heading into the weekend

Finally, we are finding a slight bit of normalcy in our lives! We got a loaf of yummy, delicious sourdough bread made, we made it to Highland Brewery for our slotted thirsty thursdays with the Wheelers and got out of bed at 6:00a.m. Although, and admittedly I’m enjoying it, our child is going to bed 2 hours later than prior to our holiday and sleeping in two hours later. So we actually had coffee and a conversation just us two Briere’s to start our day. It was pleasant and most desirable.  With the days longer it makes since to play in the yard a little later, eat later and sleep later!

As we head into the weekend I will leave you with the song I’ve been singing in my head all week. Love the album, Amplify, from John Brown’s Body as a whole and the song Sky Juice is stuck!

(don’t forget to join us May 26 to see these guys live)

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday!


spring fever

Buncombe County Sunset

We had a great time hanging at the Highland Brewery Tasting Room yesterday with our peeps, the Wheelers. A great way to round out the week and start thinking about mellowing out for the weekend. As for week, it was simple, quiet and appreciated. When I did have a moment to steal away to hop on the computer I found some exciting things. I thought I would share them with you.

-While I am not ready to dive into the buzzy world of bees just yet I was still excited to find several local resources for when it is time to happen. Also continuing education.

-I am definitely going to attend this class this spring. Backyard Chickens!

-I am proud of my daughter (4 1/2) for choosing to have her own hair cut. She announced she needed to be ready for beach season and wanted a shorter do. I promise there was no prompting or suggesting! Anywho, this was the style she chose and she is adorable. (no, that is not her in the photo. Just the hairstyle she picked)

-Today is the day. I am going to try my hand at canning today. This is the recipe I am going to use. I will update you on how successful (or not) it turns out! It just sounds delicious! If it turns out well I am going to make lemon zest scones and slather the curd on top!

-Thinking of going here or here for hubs 40th birthday. Should be able to rally some friends to gather around a campfire with Troy and Sons in hand!

***Don’t forget, tickets for WakaWai’s Event go on sale today!!!! Make sure to head to the FaceBook Page and let us know you are or thinking about attending, make sure to share with your friends and mostly, get your tickets!!

And the weekend? Well, I am positive it will be spent outside dodging raindrops!

I hope yours is happy and well!


WakaWai presents…

an evening with…

Tickets go on sale Friday, March 09, 2012.

We are EXCITED to bring you this special event!! Come join us for an evening of amazing music and tasty micro brew beer!! A great way to share a night out with your friends!

This is WakaWai’s (waka-why) way of infusing lifestyle and elements by seamlessly joining gear, music, video, rivers, oceans, lakes and mountains. We love to be outside, listen to music and drink beer. So, start your summer off right! Spend the day outside partaking in your favorite element (whitewater, lake, mountain, beach…) then join us for the tunes and beer!!

Click here for event details.

Click here for a sample of John Brown’s Body. or here.

Click here for a sample of Chalwa.

Click here for a sample of the beer. or here.

Share the event with your friends. Make sure to get your ticket. Schedule the babysitter (if needed). Mark your calendar!

Hope to see you there!!